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  With the development of society and scientific and technological progress, it is the variety and quality of industrial products and the increasingly high demand. On the one hand, the tremendous changes in market demand, leading to large-scale production mode to China, small batch production mode conversion. Manufacturing industry production methods must be adopted to adapt to the changing needs of small batch dynamic social environment; On the other hand, electronics, information technology and wider use of automation to the production and market have been tremendous developments. Accompanied by the development of world markets, market competition is becoming more intense by the day. How high-quality, low-cost, rapid development of new products to capture the market, survive in the market competition, and development is the common problems faced by enterprises and to seek goals. Inspired by demand in the market, with computers, microelectronics, information, automation, new materials, the development of hormone produced a new manufacturing technology -- rapid shaped technology (Rapid Prototyping-RP).

  Along with the rapid technological developments shaped as documents CLI interface is also developed by leaps and bounds. CLI (Common Layer Interface) interface that is a tiered format in the European vehicle manufacturers support Brite Euram project development, the development of CLI format is designed to give all based on the LMT-based systems to provide a description of two-dimensional semi-layer, simple, efficient, clear data entry document format and spare parts from the two-dimensional geometric shapes and a half floors to describe each layer and the thickness of lines to define the contours and profiles. CLI document format many advantages, it can slice, in certain applications it can even slice. In addition, the level of information is easier to correct errors, if required can be automatically repaired.

  CLI is based on the thesis that the main document visualization editing and data processing their raw data for subsequent follow-up corrective provide reliable data support.Papers in the form of RP systems and CLI detailed briefing an analysis of the system requirements, then it introduces a two-dimensional mapping and graphics editing systems to achieve specific, and focus on data processing algorithms for a detailed briefing.

  Along with society's development and science and technology progress, the people increasingly are also high to the industry product variety and the quality request. At the same time, the market demand huge change, causes the mass the production method once again to, the small batch production method transformation. The manufacture industry must adapt the small batch production dynamic demand social environment through the change production method;On the other hand, electronic, the information and the automated technology widespread application has urged the production and the market obtained the huge development. Follows the world market development, the market competition day by day is being also intense. How by high grade, the low cost, the fast development new product seizes the market, strives for the survival in the market competition, to strive for the development, the goal which is which the enterprise faces the common question and compels asks. In under the market demand impetus, unified hormone and so on computer, micro electron, information, automation, new material development has had one kind of brand-new technique of manufacture - - fast formation technology (Rapid Prototyping-RP).

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